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SoundVision Co. is a digital media company and studio located in Madison, WI. Our goal is to deliver the best in professional video production, audio, graphics, motion graphics, photography, and websites. We also aim to be a collaborative environment where artists and professionals support each other. Our studio space and equipment are available for rent along with the expertise of the SoundVision Co. staff. Check out our demo reel below! Are you a musician or in a band? Contact us to find out how to get hooked up with a free mastered track along with a free music video!


SoundVision Co. strives to be an industry leader in professional video production, audio engineering, graphics design, motion graphics, photography, and websites for small business and personal blogs. In addition, SoundVision Co. is proud to be a digital media collective, a place where an artist of any skill level is invited to create projects and collaborate with other artists. We offer studio and equipment rental, plus a vast network of artists looking to work together to support local art and local businesses.

Video Production Demo Reel | SoundVision Co | Madison WI

SoundVision Co. began with the idea of being able (but not limited) to record professional audio and video simultaneously, so we created a studio with that exact dual purpose. Owner, Nick Cardarella, has been in the video production/motion graphic industry for over a decade and more recently completed sound engineering school at Sound Haven with Michael Allison, the sound engineer for bands such as the Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera and many more...


CYCLORAMA GREEN SCREEN ROOM Our cyclorama green screen room has been constructed for both professional video AND audio recording. It comes fully equipped with a dual cyclorama screen, professional lighting, and is acoustically treated. The size of the room makes it a great place for wide variety of audio/video recordings. This space is available for rent.   CONTROL ROOM The control room is equipped with all the tools necessary to record and mix professional audio. A booth separated from the recording room can be utilized for lead vocal enhancements and voice overs. The room also includes a large conference table with a big screen TV for project planning and review. DIGITAL MEDIA ENGINEERING The professional team working with SoundVision Co. has the experience and creativity needed to produce high quality audio/video recording and engineering, graphic arts, motion graphics, 3D modeling, and website development. We also offer SEO services for all of our websites and videos to achieve top rankings, translating to a higher ROI.

What Our Clients Have To Say

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Roger Garms Cambodian School Project

Nick from SoundVision has been helping our non-profit, the Cambodian School Project, prepare video progress reports. He has been enthusiastic and easy to work with and his perspective and suggestions on how to present our story have been most helpful. I am amazed with what he has done with the materials we have been able to provide. I look forward to continuing to work with Nick and SoundVision. I recommend him to anyone making a video. He gets what we are trying to do and presents it clearly.

Keith Gilmore Real Estate Agent

Nick's a triple threat. I've worked with several video production companies, but most of them were very technical, not necessarily creative on their own. Which meant I was the only one taking on that role in projects. That was very frustrating! However, after working with Nick at Sound Vision, I was thoroughly impressed and relieved, because Nick is not only exceptionally technical and creative, but his communication was consistent so I always knew where we were in our project. The bonus is, Sound Vision is super easy to work - where bouncing ideas off each other was very productive and fun too!

Christopher Rankin, CEO Epic Electric Inc.

I hired Nick from SoundVision to shoot some still photos for my business web page. Nick was very professional and flexible to meet my weekend demands. The end product was well more than I expected. I have seen other pieces of work done by Nick, and it is nothing short of a Hollywood production here in Madison. His audio video work definitely shows his passion for his work. I can’t wait for him to start work on my web commercial. SoundVison has easily won my business exclusively. I would recommend SoundVision for any project you have, Be it large or small.

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